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AI as a Tool to Enhance Business Approach

15.02.22 11:51 AM By Brian

Most people think that artificial intelligence (AI) is a new technological platform. The truth is, it has been around for more than half a century already. Its impact or presence may not have been felt due to the application’s continuous development.

However, the proliferation of e-commerce as of late has unveiled the true impact of the AI approach. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba, to name a few, have flourished by integrating the system into its global operations. The fact that they’ve succeeded in managing their businesses remotely only emphasizes the usefulness of artificial intelligence.

So, how did the organizations of Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma actually thrive? How did they end up being the new trade model for the entire world to follow? Here are a few departments where the AI tool has been instrumental in the modern commercial industry:

Customer Service

One, customer interaction has taken a more sophisticated setting. Inquiries about products and services are now being managed by software applications. AI Assistant or “Chatbot” technology has become a familiar presence in many aspects.

What makes AI significant is the fact that it is able to mimic human communication with ease. While this development can easily replace people’s jobs, the tool easily increases performance efficiency and improves cost-saving operational measures of a firm.

Human Resources

Two, the integration of AI improves manpower performance evaluation. For instance, most if not all organizations are very much particular about attendance. With an intelligent system at the helm, adjustments on time records in relation to productivity are being assessed periodically.

In addition, the AI presence provides an efficient data management. Judging from countless information being handled by the HR department, a systemic approach to arrange, to sort out, and to access collected files will be valuable over time as more and more of these data come in.

Sales and Marketing

Three, marketing research becomes extensive through the AI tool. With the remote method of doing business fast becoming a staple, gathering information is a valuable pre-requisite to any transaction. Pretty much like setting an interview or a negotiation, collecting pieces of data will strengthen a bid about a candidate, a potential business partner, or even a competitor.

Artificial intelligence possesses algorithms that further enhances the use of search engines on the web. Entrepreneurs are able to acquire customer habits based on the initial information collected. Companies are also able to predict client behavior through analysis brought about by deep learning programming.


Lastly, AI as a tool adds efficiency to warehousing and inventory needs. Judging from the increased production demands, logistical management is of utmost importance. Most of the time, companies have to deal in monitoring the availability or lack thereof of resources.

Miscalculations in quantity and descriptive inaccuracy have often led to countless logistical complications. With the introduction of AI, statistical precision in the number of materials is set. Moreover, erroneous entries in the database are checked and corrected along the way.