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Understanding the Glaring Challenges in a Tech-Driven World

31.01.22 01:49 PM By Brian

Life in the modern society is not without difficulties. While we enjoyed and settled into the comforts of sophistications, there will always be rough patches along the way. We will be our very own critics on the way we choose to pursue a lifestyle that cannot exist without technological advancements.

However, we also need to understand that there are challenges to be addressed at numerous points into the future. Our comforts come at a price which we must resolve in order to sustain the ease and pleasure most, if not all of us, are experiencing. 

While the most problematic issue the globe is facing nowadays focuses on data protection and privacy, there are two vital elements which merit our immediate concern. Although tech companies have continued to seek out solutions for these challenges, the need to review implemented methods every now and then is necessary if only to sustain everybody’s digital wants.

Insufficient production

Primarily, there is a shortage in the supply of electronic components. In 2016, the price increase of semi-conductors, which are essential materials in electrical conductivity, has been pegged at only 1.5%. A startling jump to 7.2% has been registered the following year.

The price difference is itself indicative that manufacturing firms are being underwhelmed by the consumer demands. A scenario like this will eventually slow down production. The concern has run deep as countries like the US, China, Canada and Russia, to name a few, made a massive acquisition of raw materials for themselves.

When the global economy stagnated in 2020, remote work and learning has further saddled the electronics and electrical industry with a growing deficit. The number of employees with work-from-home setups amplified to 300 million while more than one billion students joined the online learning bandwagon.

Stagnated skills

Secondly, technology trainings are scarce. Although more and more young people are engaging in tech programs, there is still an undersupply of talents across the globe. This issue has been further aggravated by the fact that systems engineers, information security analysts, software developers, and other related skills lack the proper and necessary trainings to cope up with the present technology demands.

A survey conducted at the Digital Transformation Expo Europe in London last October 2019 has revealed that around 81% of IT professionals find it necessary to add a technical skill during the next 18 months in order to stay competitive. In addition, 47% has acknowledged that their teams lack the trainings to deal with the current business challenges.

Training professionals in the IT, electronics and electrical fields is not merely about keeping their skillset sharp. Reinforcing them with higher programs is also about making their presence felt. Learning advancements introduce awareness in every segment of the electronic components industry.