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How Customer Feedback Can Boost Your Electronics Trade

Whether you actually believe it or not, opinions do matter in the world of business. Clients who patronize your product or service will become instrumental barometers for your company moving forward. People’s views can spread like wild fire, and such perspective will impact your organization’s value...

25.02.22 01:23 PM - Comment(s)
Capitalizing on Electric Cars to Further Boost the Electronics Market

While the electronics industry has progressed over the years, the emergence of electric vehicles (EV) introduces a new demand where car parts in the hybrid sector is concerned. With such a scenario comes its huge contribution to the electronics industry.

Innovation sets in

Building sophisticated engin...

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Understanding the Glaring Challenges in a Tech-Driven World
Life in the modern society is not without difficulties. While we enjoyed and settled into the comforts of sophistications, there will always be rough patches along the way. We will be our very own critics on the way we choose to pursue a lifestyle that cannot exist without technological advancements...
31.01.22 01:49 PM - Comment(s)
Customer Service in a Virtual Environment

Service transactions in a virtual platform may seem to be a new thing nowadays but it is not. The remote platform of interaction is, nonetheless, an established approach years ago through call centers. New outlook in business and technology have made the perspective valuable.

Back in February 2018 d...

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A Closer Glimpse on the Global Demand for Electronic Components
On the average, a consumer will replace his or her smart phone within two years. On the other hand, a car’s electric control unit will likely have serious maintenance issues when its usage reaches around 100,000 miles. So, what do these scenarios actually indicate?

While the significance of technolog...
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